Red Square

The main square of the Russian capital is popular not only among the guests of the city, Muscovites themselves love it. It is located in the center of Moscow, on the left bank of Moskva river, near the walls of Moscow Kremlin. Those who came to Red Square can see the main symbols of the Russian state.

The Armory of Moscow Kremlin

The Armory of the Moscow Kremlin is an amazing treasure trove. The basis of the museum collection consists of unique items that have been kept for centuries in the royal treasury and sacristy of the patriarchs. These are personal belongings of the Russian tsars, and precious gifts from foreign embassies, and household items and decorations made by the masters of the Armory. The museum has nine themed halls located on two floors. In total, the collection contains more than four thousand exhibits of art from various eras and peoples.

St. Basil’s cathedral

St. Basil’s cathedral (The Pokrovsky Cathedral) is not just a church, but a temple-monument built in 1571.

Zaryadye Park

"Zaryadye" - the first new large park in the capital for the last almost 70 years. Its scale and complexity of engineering solutions are amazing. The area of the park's facilities is almost 78 thousand square meters, of which 25.2 thousand "squares" will be occupied by a multipurpose concert hall.

GUM store

GUM is not just a store where you can buy almost everything. This is a whole shopping district, in which there is a pharmacy, a bank branch, and a flower shop ... This is a monument of architecture. This is a comfortable recreation area with restaurants and cafes. This is an art gallery and a venue for cultural events.


The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy is one of the largest exhibitions, museums, and recreation complexes in the world. It is one of the most popular public places of the Russian capital. It hosts more than 24 million guests per year. The Exhibition was opened on 1 August 1939.

Space museum

In 1981, in 20 years after the first flight in space (Yuri Gagarin), in Moscow the Memorial museum of Cosmonautics has been opened. The author of idea of creation of the Moscow Space Museum was Main Сhief-Designer of space systems of the USSR Sergey Korolev. As well as its destiny in the Space museum bright pages of history of the Soviet and Russian astronautics are shown.

Sandunovsky baths

Sandunovsky baths today is the largest bath complex in Moscow: three men's and two women's departments that have kept historical interiors, baths, a beauty salon, a restaurant and a laundry.

The Observation Deck of the Federation Tower

The Federation Tower is located in the city center, 4 km from the Kremlin. From here you can see all of Moscow 360 degrees around from the best angle. The idea of the observation deck was laid at the design stage of the tower, the best overview was originally planned as a prerequisite of the project.

PANORAMA360 is listed in the Russian record book as the highest observation deck and also is a full member of the World Federation of High-rise Towers!

Izmailovo Kremlin Flea Market

Vintage jewelry, laces, books, plates, ceramics, porcelain, rare furniture - these are just a small part of what the famous Flea Market on the Vernissage in Izmailovo is rich with.

Every year interest in vintage things only increases. Hike to the flea market in Izmailovo for many is akin to visiting a historical museum. Endless colorful rows with military uniforms and accessories of the past and before last centuries, dresses, kerosene lamps, dishes, silverware, toys, samovars, irons, antique frames and many other interesting things - these are the epochs that open before the eyes of every visitor to the history.

Grand Tour Moscow- Old Arbat Market

The market was built in 1932. In 1935 it was shortened by building the ground pavilion of the Arbatskaya metro station.

Guests and residents of Moscow will be able to purchase exclusive gifts. Antique gizmos of various categories, unusual vintage "tricks" of the USSR, costumes and jewelry and much more for every taste and budget.

Anyone who wishes can take part in master classes free of charge - wood carving, pottery, making toys with their own hands, porcelain restoration.